Your Generosity Is Appreciated

Thank you for considering donating to the diverse, holistic programs for children, adolescents, and adults in the greater Winona community. Your financial support has the ability to reach those who are working to strengthen and maintain their mental, emotional, and physical well-being, as well as those brave individuals and communities learning to manage stress, anxiety, and depression and those healing from trauma and addiction.

Together, we can build a more compassionate, safe, and healthy world for all!

Dharma River is part of the Zen Garland Order, which is a 501(c)3 organization. Most donations are tax-deductible.

Your support helps us

Provide mindfulness trainings to youth in our community

Studies show that mindfulness helps reduce stress and anxiety, increases ability to focus and concentrate (which in turn helps with academics and school success), and helps build personal resilience, patience and overall happiness. Your contribution will help continue mindfulness in the classroom, mindfulness youth programming at Manitou Center, and throughout the greater Winona community.

Provide holistic trainings that support families learning

Developing (individually and together) mindfulness skills help families increase self awareness and patience, grants them the insight to slow down, spend time together and builds connections and presence in listening and paying attention to one another. Spending undistracted time together as a family provides an environment where individuals feel heard, supported, and connected with one another, which in turn allows for healthy individuals in schools, workplaces, and throughout our communities. Successful past programs include the 2 programs, Resilient Mind-Body Program and Living Calm in the Chaos, as well as general Family Mindfulness programming.

Contribute to the Manitou Center scholarship fund

Manitou Center Scholarships allow youth, who might otherwise not be able to participate because of financial constraints, the opportunity to be involved in various mind-body classes (kung fu, yoga, mindfulness), camps, and special courses (Summer Camp Manitou and Girls Connect). We strongly believe that learning holistic mind-body practices positively impacts individuals throughout a lifetime and allows each person to live authentic, resilient, and engaged lives. We also firmly believe that money should never be an impediment to individuals learning how to lead healthy lives. When all people feel healthy, supported, heard, and valued, the whole community benefits.

Support Compassionate Community Building

Manitou Center’s non-profit work supports bringing people together in a variety of capacities. We regularly contribute our energy to work that takes place through the Winona Interfaith Council, the Winona Sanctuary network, the Warming House, and a variety of other community-based activities that help build compassion as a way of living. Additionally, we host quarterly, community meals, open to all, to share time with one another, to break bread, and to expand our shared narratives. Your contributions aid us in extending further in this type of work.