Community Engagement

Engaged Compassion

We believe that learning skills in self-care for one’s mind, body, and spirit is a human right for all people.

At Dharma River, one of our primary goals is to support as many people, of all ages throughout our community as possible, to explore, get to know, care for, and honor themselves as unique individuals with incredible potential to live a life of meaning for themselves and the world. When we take time to investigate our own needs, joys, sorrows, disappointments, histories, and dreams for the future we are then most capably prepared to genuinely support and offer love and care for our families, communities, and world at large.

Dharma River in Our Community

Mindfulness in the Schools

Teaching mindfulness at school allows children and adolescents to learn how to pay attention to what is going on in their lives as a whole. When young people have the skills to manage their emotional and physical experiences, they are empowered to make healthier choices for themselves. Because mindfulness strengthens our abilities to focus and concentrate on what we are doing moment-by-moment, distractions, daydreams, fears, and anxieties tend to fade away much easier. As a result, young people are able to pay attention more completely, can learn easier, and can increase learning comprehension. Mindfulness practice can also increase self-awareness and impulse control, which results in individuals being better prepared for their academic and social lives.

Holistic Development Training

How do we function and thrive in our life when the days and weeks can be hectic, unpredictable, and seemingly chaotic? We believe it is possible to build in collaboration learning environments where we can partner in growing compassionate, present, inclusive environments that help us to be better people and better communities.  As part of our work of supporting holistic human development of mind, body, and spirit we offer Zen based and secular educational engagements aimed at manifesting these goals.



As individuals and as a community we are committed to engaging in and supporting others in living compassionately and presently with ourselves, all people and animals and our earth-all forms of energy we interact with and are inseparably entwined within.  Work in this area at Dharma River includes environmental projects, coursework and training in natural environments, and supporting as well as participating in policy and educational work that aids in growing a deeper understanding of our inseparable connection with our living world.

Community Interfaith Work

Our communities are built of individuals who are from a variety of faith and belief traditions.  As stewards of building communities capable of understanding diverse perspectives and engaging in generative dialogue, our sangha actively participates in interfaith gatherings and community based shared work, education, and activism.